To install the irrigation system we use the components of the TORO brand, a globally recognized brand ensuring a trouble-free and comfortable running of irrigation with high added value. TORO products are represented around the world, demonstrating their proven quality.

The irrigation control unit utilizes the most advanced kinds of control of irrigation units. The sprayers can be switched on in any number and any order. And that is not all, our system allows controlling the irrigation system remotely, for which only an internet connection is enough and you can irrigate your playground from the comfort of your office.

We offer installation of the state-of-art TORO Infinity sprayers. The back-up system is controlled by the TORO Lynx system that is ideal for a large number of sprayers, i.e. which is the ideal solution for gold courses.

TORO Lynx system can be connected to all types of Grundfos MPC petrol stations.