Heating and cooling

The state-of-art Uponor Meltaway Plus heating and cooling system offers guaranteed protection of outdoor areas from snow and ice throughout the winter. Using the Meltaway Plus system installation can effectively prevent unpleasant mechanical removal of snow and ice from the playing surface through sand or salt. This unique system ensures an extent ion of the lawn service life.



To install the irrigation system we use the components of the TORO brand, a globally recognized brand ensuring a trouble-free and comfortable running of irrigation with high added value. TORO products are represented around the world, demonstrating their proven quality.


Boiler rooms and wiring

The boiler rooms are installed in concrete plants and at sports playgrounds, where the heating system is installed. Due to a wide range of electrical specialists, we are able to ensure the complete supply, installation and maintenance of the boiler room, including counselling.


Aeration drainage reverse system

An active drainage system is concerned. A highly efficient fan creates a low pressure in the drainage system of the football field, which extremely reduces drainage of excessive water from the grassy surface.


Electric lamps

Due to special bulbs the lawn lamps substitute sunshine and thus support the growth of lawns. Depending on the size of the grassy area, you can select among several variants


Professional maintenance

We ensure also professional warranty and post-warranty maintenance for all products and services provided by the Pumpsevis s.r.o. all over the world.