Heating and cooling

The state-of-art Uponor Meltaway Plus heating and cooling system offers guaranteed protection of outdoor areas from snow and ice throughout the winter. Using the Meltaway Plus system installation can effectively prevent unpleasant mechanical removal of snow and ice from the playing surface through sand or salt. This unique system ensures an extent ion of the lawn service life.

The basic principle of the Uponor system lies in the fact that all branches of the distribution system should have the same length. The heat is then distributed evenly, without a need of use of control valves of individual branches. Also the pre-insulated Uponor piping can be used in the system. Its advantage is its flexibility, which makes it suitable for installation not only in the ground. Uponor Meltaway system power varies up to 350 W/m2. It is one of the most efficient heat transfer systems on the market. The performance required depends on the geographic location and system requirements.

Due to the solid material, we can guarantee seamless installation even under extreme climatic conditions. Even in case of freezing and after the recommissioning, the Meltaway PLUS system will not be damaged and will be further functioning without any problems.